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Tipsterspro is a sports prediction platform that allows anyone to prove their sports knowledge. Finding the best free betting tips used to be difficult, but ranks every tipster to help you establish which betting tips offer the most value..

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The term “professional” means that they make their living from this activity. It means that they have proved that they have a real edge over the bookmaker, by betting well enough themselves to live off their winnings. They have also proven in the past to be able to handle the pressure of losing periods, when selling their own advice or picks and when some customers start to be worried. They have to stay focused, and not alter their initial way of choosing picks. They have reached a point where the amount of money they earn allows them to face some bad weeks in betting, since they respect the golden rules of betting strictly. These rules involve good money management, sticking to the same principles of evaluating games, factoring news of injury into their estimations of fair prices and maintaining a consistent approach.

A tipster's subscription allows you to receive all the picks from a tipster for a given period (1, 3, 6 or 12 months).

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